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The South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) is a voluntary association that caters to the needs of Jewish students across our South African university campuses. ​Our events and initiatives are aimed at keeping Jewish students active and involved in both South African and Jewish affairs.

Our Mission

​Our mission is to create a thriving Jewish student community, who feel supported, connected and engaged. We strive to develop and strengthen Jewish identity on campus as well as to provide a supportive and social network amongst our Jewish students. We hope to achieve this by providing meaningful, interactive, fun and informative Jewish experiences that strengthen and enhance Jewish student life.

Our Three Founding Pillars

​SAUJS provides a wide variety of social, community, religious, political, cultural and educational events and initiatives based on our three founding pillars:


As the only official representative organization of Jewish students in South Africa, SAUJS seeks to provide opportunities for Jewish students to express their Jewish identity and heritage. Our events encourage our students to connect and freely engage with their Jewish heritage, culture and tradition, as well as to connect with one another personally and socially.


SAUJS subscribes to the Zionist ideals as per the Jerusalem Program and has adopted the IHRA definition of antsemitism. SAUJS seeks to promote a positive image of Israel on campus, to encourage truth in student political dialogue and to educate the wider student body about Israel and Judaism.


As South African students, we are passionate about our local identity and responsibilities. With our national Constitution at the forefront, we aim to live up to and disseminate the rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Through our various events, initiatives and community outreach programmes, we seek to educate our students about our South African history as well as celebrate our multicultural heritage. 

Our Campuses


Wits, University of the Witwatersrand, is one of the traditional homes of South African Jewish students. From its early days, Wits was filled with young Jewish activists fighting for equality and justice; and is the country’s premier political campus. Boasting over 180 000 graduates since its inception in 1922, Wits is one of the leading universities on the continent. Jews have a long and proud history at Wits beginning with societies as early as 1926. Today, SAUJS continues to play a key role in assisting, empowering and protecting Jews at Wits.

Bethia Milner – 081 463 8559


We like to say that we put the UJ in SAUJS. Indeed, this is the case with the dedicated team that runs the University of Johannesburg campus. UJ specialises in a number of events that contribute to the well being of Jewish students. These include regular braai’s, lunches and shiurim as well as hosting speakers on topical Jewish and South African issues. We make sure to help move exams where needed and to provide any support needed due to covid, and working off-campus.

Yakira Shalpid – 068 568 0330


With the mountain behind us and the ocean as our view you could say that the University of Cape Town is a truly inspiring branch that continually keeps you motivated. We host a variety of riveting speakers, regular social events and shabbat dinners for Jewish students to have the opportunity to mingle and be involved in activism on campus. We also work with other societies on campus whether socially, through outreach projects or through social activism.

Erin Dodo – 072 070 7248


Nestled between the Boland mountains in the winelands, this historical oak-lined university town is found – the University of Stellenbosch. On this unique campus, SAUJS tries to create a place for Jewish students and address our students’ needs on campus, especially regarding academics, building relationships to foster understanding and having fun.


Tuks SAUJS at the University of Pretoria was re-founded in 2015 after a long hiatus. As we are one of the smaller groups of Jewish students on campus, our number one purpose is to create a Jewish presence around our various Tuks campuses and a strong support system for all Jewish students. 
From chaggim, to challah bakes; parties, to shiurim; outreach projects and joint society events – we have it all! We hope Tuks SAUJS will continue to grow for many years to come and continue to be a support to Jewish students, while building up our Tuks Jewish community and creating interesting and enjoyable events and projects for all!

Adir Miller – 076 065 1753


SAUJS UNISA is open and waiting for committee members to join our leadership of young Jewish students! While we have a SAUJS presence at the University of South Africa (UNISA), we do not currently have a UNISA committee. This, however, does not stop us from assisting our UNISA students where they may need help, or engaging with them on our social media platforms and in person events.


SAUJS IIE is the Independent Institute of Education representing both Vega and Varsity College. For the first time in years, due to the growth of the Jewish student body at all IIE campuses, SAUJS IIE was created in 2021. Our aim is to motivate and unite all our Jewish creative business minds, educators and more. Not only will SAUJS make sure you feel welcome and comfortable in your new home, but we also host fantastic events, talks with Jewish entrepreneurs and so much more!

Tanya Perel – 079 416 4347


Founded in 1997, the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) is a specialized college with over 2000 students across its various campuses. Being a small college has great benefits. Uniting Jewish students and creating an open and creative space allows for the building of strong bonds. SAUJS SACAP   fosters inclusion and cohesion, providing the perfect platform for a diverse and tolerant student body.
SAUJS SACAP is here to stand proud as Jews and to safeguard our Jewish, civil and constitutional rights, and have some fun along the way!

Bracha Singer – 076 163 8745